Top 10 Advantages of Magento development for eCommerce Websites

Magento powers more than 200,000 websites today and the number is continually increasing. Its advanced features and outstanding versatility makes Magento being chosen by one out of four online retailers and is becoming the most powerful enterprise class eCommerce platform today. Thanks to Magento that everything related to the website’s layout is customizable enabling businesses to extend their boundaries in all directions to create incredible shopping experience for their customers.

Anyone interested in setting up an eCommerce chain understands that it is not an easy task. Today, business owners are looking for best platforms for their ecommerce sites and Magento is the best solution capable of fulfilling their needs and expectations. Here are some remarkable benefits of Magento development.

Magento is an open source platform with many features that are free. It is a big and continuously as well as fast growing technology. Its uniqueness and thousands of extensions attract most of the developers.
Since Magento is highly responsive, understating ecommerce website development with it is very sensible. This makes the site viewable on smartphones, tablets and other devices without any fuss and hassle. This is going to help your customers stay connected with you and your products from anywhere and anytime.
Search engine optimization is a must these days, but following the trend and making the search engines prefer you is a big task. Since Magento supports SEO, you will not come across issues related to organic traffic flow. The reason is that this platform has been developed keeping SEO efficiency in mind. It will provide best opportunities for your products and services to appear on search engines. Customized practices essential for effective SEO is also offered through Magento tools.
With an intuitive page editor, Magento helps website owners easily make changes in their offerings. The store owner does not need to have any knowledge of programming codes to use the tool. The user-friendly features help them manage content aptly.
With the help of Magento an ecommerce site can handle plenty of products as well as handle thousands of orders in an hour. You can add more shopping carts as per the growth of your business.
Magento facilitates third party integration like assimilating with PayPal, eBay, Google Shopping and many more which helps you offer delightful ecommerce experience to your customers. Magento helps you deploy third party integration with ease while having apt control on data analysis and also, make profitable business decisions.
Since the development is done in PHP, it is very easy to add new features and keep your ecommerce website updated adding new features as per the project’s need.
One of the most important aspects that all ecommerce business owners are concerned about is that of security. Magento offers complete peace of mind. If your server runs on a separate system, all information of your online store, records of customers, products, orders and transactions. There is no third-party access to them.
One of the best things about Magento development is that it is not just user friendly, but developers friendly also. Developers find adding web pages and content easy to the websites which are created through Magento. The linking and navigation of pages also becomes easy saving a considerable amount of time of the developers.
It is only because of the Magento development that multiple stores are managed from one administrative panel. Now you can manage different stores with unique product catalogue.

Magento is well built platform in all senses, no matter whether you are concerned with security or stability. Once you know the benefits of Magento, it is time to select the best company that can offer you complete development of your website. Look for the one that is well-versed with Magento development and has developed websites which are running successfully. Pick the experts of the platform having talented developers if you want to develop your ecommerce website highly competitive and offer seamless product management, secured shopping and lot more to your customers.

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