What is WordPress? And 10 Benefits of Using It for Developing Business Website

WordPress is an open source platform initially designed for blogging, but today it is a complete content management system. It is the most popular blogging system on web and anyone can use this platform regardless of whether he is an PHP expert or a novice. Well, using WordPress with some basic internet skills does not make one a developer, for sure

In fact, WordPress development is a profession based on infrastructure of PHP programming. Along with this, it needs a deep understanding of the WordPress core, library and common practices of the platform so that great products can be produced. The developer is not just expected to create cutting-edge plugins and themes, but also to make them work as expected in all environments as well as overcome basic conflicts with other themes and plugins.

We at, Objectcodes are a team of highly skilled and experienced PHP developers with vast WordPress knowledge and experience working on this platform for years. WordPress provides you with many ready to use plugins and themes, but customizing them and making them fit into your business needs and expectations would help you get a lot more than you expected. Here are some remarkable benefits using the expertise of the WordPress developers would offer.

Thanks to WordPress that the days are gone when you had to make a hole in your pocket to buy a website for your business. The WordPress designing and development is highly cost-effective these days. Even the maintenance and upkeep expenses are affordable, and you do not even need a designer or a developer initially to start with. However, hiring a professional would make sure everything done is perfect and result oriented.
To update your site or change a theme, you only need access to an internet connection when you are using the WordPress platform. You can make changes and modifications from anywhere you are.
When using the WordPress, you do not need to spend on search engine optimization separately because it is SEO ready. The simple and constant codes used to build the websites make them ideal for Google indexing automatically. Giving you full control, the platform offers you the facility to choose the page you want to go on high ranks on Google.
Each time you add a blog to your site, you do not need to fill in and make sure it is well connected to your site. It automatically goes to an RSS feed which makes others syndicate your content easily across directories and other sites. You get inbound links to your website without making any extra effort.
Since mobile traffic is surpassing desktop traffic rapidly since 2014, responsive web design technology has become a must for all websites. Using WordPress, you automatically get this benefit and you do not need to develop other websites and devices to get the advantage.
Traditional websites were quite cumbersome when one had to add features and functionalities to the existing site. WordPress based sites can be upgraded anytime and without even disturbing your traffic. An experienced and professional WordPress developer would be of great help here. He can install plugins easily and quickly for you.
Today, in this era of content marketing, fresh content is extremely important. This is where a WordPress themed website has upper hand over other websites. You can update your site’s content within seconds instead of going through plenty of complicated steps.
Another remarkable benefit of choosing WordPress development is the ultimate social media integration it offers. You don’t need to login to your separate social media accounts each time you add a fresh content to your site. It is done automatically.
When WordPress was first launched one of the major complaints it had was of poor security. This is a myth which has been debunked. As long as you have a skilled WordPress designer and developer, you can stay assured of your site’s security and make it hacking proof unlike traditional websites.
While using traditional website platforms changing your designer is a daunting task because everyone works on his preferred platform. Here the platform is well-known and your developer has apt experience and knowledge. So, this makes transition of designer easy and convenient for the website owner.

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