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Mobile application development is considered as one of the most challenging operations due to its multiple platforms and competing technologies. This is the reason why you need to partner with a leading mobile app development company. With the increasing number of smartphones hitting the market and lots of companies popping up, it is really difficult to choose the right one for you.

We, at Object Codes, a Mobile Application Development Company India have expertise in deploying robust solutions which are compatible with existing platforms and the future ones. We can assure you of high quality and safe mobile application fitting in your requirements. We have a team of experienced mobile application development experts and certified software engineers well-versed in building apps for Android and iPhone, both.

iPhone Development

We have built a very large and powerful container of iOS apps that works from iPhone to iPad to Apple watch. The high-end iPhone apps will automate your business and make sure users receive top-notch service.

Android Development

Android is an open source mobile application platform that offers high levels of flexibility and likelihoods for developers as well as users. Object Codes offers a range of Android compatible mobile applications which not just boost businesses productively, but also streamlines lifestyle.

We help you develop powerful and highly functional mobile apps that will attract users and help reinforce your brand along with solving various business problems. Our quality assurance testing is intensive and we handle it efficiently. We have developed hundreds of mobile apps on simple phones to custom devices.

Why Choose Us

Picking the right application development company is very important. It is a critical success factor. Here are some of the major benefits of our methods.

Quick Results

Reducing time to market is highly appreciated and needed in this fast paced, highly competitive business world.

We have developed a system emphasizing augmented software development and swift prototyping which means you get working results faster.

Better Quality

We follow a process of continuous testing which helps us find out and fix software bugs at the earliest. We test each release thoroughly to maintain the quality throughout the project lifecycle. We also pay attention to collecting customer feedback to enhance next version.

100% Transparency

We will keep you updated on each step and development of your project. We keep complete transparency by providing you daily status report, access to Skype or conference calls, through emails and online visits, if needed.

Solid Guarantee

We include warranty clauses in every contract we sign so that the project remains risk-free. Your mobile app will be delivered on time and as per the budget constraints specified. In addition, we will also offer a time period of 6 months to eliminate any defect discovered after the project is completed.

Added Business Value

We follow a feature-centric methodology and develop the critical features of your business first. Even the change in requests are handled quickly and efficiently. This ensures that the product fulfils the stakeholders’ requirements also.

We do not just build apps, we provide top quality mobile experience to your customers. If you are planning to start a project, it is very easy. Just drop an email briefly describing your project, requirements and expectations. A member of our experienced and qualified team will get back to you soon.


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